Fi24h Dealmakers' Club: Your Gateway to Success in the Blockchain Industry

Fintech24h, a leading blockchain marketing agency, today announced the launch of the Fi24h Dealmakers' Club, a dynamic online community designed to empower blockchain professionals, investors, and founders with the tools and connections they need to thrive in the rapidly evolving industry.

The Fi24h Dealmakers' Club is a collaborative effort between Fintech24h and MEXC, a global cryptocurrency exchange, and aims to become the go-to hub for blockchain professionals seeking to unlock their full potential.

More than just a networking platform, the Fi24h Dealmakers' Club is a vibrant ecosystem where members can:

Connect: Expand their business network, connect with industry peers, and discover potential partners.

Trade: Exchange goods, services, or ideas, creating win-win business collaboration opportunities.

Learn: Participate in workshops, forums, and educational activities to enhance their trading knowledge and skills.

Play: Engage in trading-related games, challenges, and recreational activities to create fun, bonding, and learning opportunities from mistakes.

Support: Receive direct support from MEXC exchange experts to optimize their trading performance.

  • Become Partner: Join the Fi24h Dealmakers' Club as a Capital Partner, Solution Partner, or Technology Alliance partner by filling out the application form [Global Partner Form].

The Fi24h Dealmakers' Club offers a range of activities, including:

- Workshops & Forums: Industry experts share knowledge and experience on trading, market trends, and effective investment strategies.

Business Connection: An online networking platform helps businesses find partners, investors, and potential business collaboration opportunities.

Games & Challenges: Trading-related games and challenges create fun, bonding, and learning opportunities from mistakes.

Live Support: A dedicated support team from MEXC exchange answers questions and assists businesses throughout their trading journey.

Awards & Recognition: Recognizes and rewards businesses with outstanding trading achievements and contributions to the community.

Together Towards Success:

As a community, "Fi24h Dealmakers' Club" striving to achieve:

  • 10,000+ Business Leaders: Building a strong and diverse community of blockchain professionals.
  • 100+ Successful Collaborations: Fostering a collaborative environment for successful partnerships and projects.
  • $1B+ Investment Opportunities: Providing access to significant funding opportunities for innovative blockchain ventures.

“We are excited to launch the Fi24h Dealmakers' Club and provide a platform for blockchain professionals to connect, learn, and grow together,” said Vincent Nguyen, Founder & CEO at Fintech24h. “The club is a testament to our commitment to fostering a thriving blockchain ecosystem and empowering businesses to achieve their full potential.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Fintech24h to launch the Fi24h Dealmakers' Club,” MEXC representative said. “This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to empower the global blockchain community and provide access to innovative tools and resources.”

The Fi24h Dealmakers' Club is now open for membership. To learn more and join the community, please visit  Receive invitations & share it for everyone to participate here (limited):

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