Telegram Unveils Business Features to Enhance Customer Communication

Telegram, the popular cloud-based messaging app known for its focus on security and speed, has introduced Telegram Business, a suite of features designed to empower businesses and improve their communication with customers.

Telegram Business allows users to easily convert their Telegram accounts into business accounts, granting them access to a range of tools that enhance their online presence and streamline customer interactions.

Key Features of Telegram Business:

  • Hours and Location: Businesses can display their operating hours and location on a map, providing customers with easy access to essential information.
  • Start Page: Businesses can customize their start page for empty chats, showcasing important information about their products or services or welcoming customers with branded artwork.
  • Quick Replies: Telegram Business enables users to create quick replies, which are shortcuts for sending preset messages that can contain text formatting, links, stickers, media, and files. This feature allows businesses to quickly respond to common inquiries and provide essential information.
  • Greeting Messages: Businesses can set automated greeting messages that will be sent to new customers, ensuring they receive an instant response with important information or a friendly welcome.
  • Away Messages: Businesses can also set away messages to be sent when they are closed or on vacation, informing customers when they can expect a response.
  • Tags for Chats: Telegram Business allows users to add colored labels to chats, giving them unique tags based on the chat folders they are in. This helps businesses quickly differentiate between customers based on their status, needs, or priority level.
  • Links to Chat: Businesses can create links to chat with them, making it easy for customers to reach out. These links can be used both inside and outside of Telegram, such as on a website or a QR code on a restaurant menu.
  • Chatbots for Business: Businesses can connect Telegram bots that will process and answer messages on their behalf, allowing them to seamlessly integrate existing tools and workflows or add AI assistants to manage their chats.

Telegram Business is a significant step forward for the messaging app, providing businesses with a comprehensive set of tools to enhance their customer communication and build stronger relationships with their audience.

All Telegram Business features are currently available for free to Premium subscribers. Non-Premium users can access these features in the future, but may be subject to limitations or additional charges.

Businesses looking to improve their customer communication and streamline their operations are encouraged to explore Telegram Business and its suite of features.

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