Fintech24h and Listing Help Announce Strategic Partnership to Empower Blockchain Startups


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and United Arab Emirates - [27/03/2024]

Fintech24h, the leading marketing agency for blockchain startups, and Listing Help, a renowned coin listing service provider, are excited to announce their strategic partnership aimed at providing comprehensive support and growth opportunities for blockchain projects worldwide.

The collaboration between Fintech24h and Listing Help brings together two industry-leading service providers, each with their own unique expertise, to deliver a holistic and impactful solution for blockchain startups seeking to establish a strong presence in the market.

Fintech24h, with its team of seasoned experts and extensive global network, offers tailored marketing services to help blockchain projects achieve their full potential. Their Plug & Play Marketing Model, combined with an OKR framework, ensures efficient and goal-oriented marketing strategies that accelerate growth and maximize brand impact.

Listing Help, known for its exceptional coin listing services, has successfully listed over 1500 projects on various exchanges since 2017. With their deep understanding of the listing process and personal contacts with top management of exchanges, Listing Help provides priority listing and facilitates additional trading pairs, giving projects a competitive edge in the market.

Together, Fintech24h and Listing Help will provide blockchain startups with a comprehensive range of services, including social media management, community management, website SEO solutions, promotion and growth hacking, influencer marketing, video marketing, and much more. By combining their expertise, the partnership aims to offer tailored marketing strategies, priority coin listings, and extensive promotion, ultimately driving the success of blockchain projects.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Listing Help and bring our clients a complete solution for their marketing and listing needs," said Vincent Nguyen, Founder & CEO of Fintech24h. "Our combined expertise and resources will empower blockchain startups to gain a competitive advantage, enhance their visibility, and achieve their growth objectives."

Sergei Khitrov, Founder & CEO of Listing Help, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "By partnering with Fintech24h, we aim to provide blockchain projects with a seamless experience from marketing to listing. Our collaborative efforts will enable startups to navigate the blockchain landscape more effectively and realize their full potential."

Blockchain startups looking to leverage the benefits of this strategic partnership can now access Fintech24h's marketing services and Listing Help's coin listing expertise through a unified platform. The partnership aims to streamline the process, save time and resources, and deliver exceptional results for clients.

For more information about Fintech24h and Listing Help, please visit their respective websites at [] and [].

About Fintech24h:

Fintech24h is a leading marketing agency specializing in providing comprehensive marketing solutions for blockchain startups. With a team of industry experts and a global network of customers and partners, Fintech24h empowers businesses to achieve their full potential through tailor-made marketing strategies and growth initiatives.

About Listing Help:

Listing Help is a renowned coin listing service agency, known for its expertise in facilitating coin listings on exchanges. With a track record of successfully listing over 1500 projects, Listing Help offers priority listing, additional trading pairs, and personalized contact with top management of exchanges, ensuring optimal results for blockchain projects.